Air Balloons v4.27

Air Balloons

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Customizable Air Balloons with movement. Perfect for background and close-ups.

Air Balloons are suitable for everything from close-ups to far-away backgrounds


Air Balloon blueprint with physics
13 Different envelope patterns
Realistic physics: air drag, wind, changeable height
Automatic burner on/off to maintain desired height range
Up to 4 passengers in basket
Air Balloon spawner blueprint
Spawn up to 400 Balloons from spawner
Set spawn radius and desirable height
Ability to land all balloons
You can control balloons height, wind and land/take off in-game
Air Balloon drivable blueprint
WASD for move, space for burner
Simple map for testing included (remove DemoMap folder if you don't need it)

Asset version: 4.27
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