n00dHolster v4.27-5.0


Download Unreal Engine Asset – n00dHolster is here to save the day. Holster objects to your character with replicated ease

This plug and play actor component will attach any object as a mesh to your character, within the constraints of the HolsterData. It is object-oriented and generic enough to be plugged into your current inventory system as it employs ways of overwriting holster meshes depending on certain conditions. Just call the Holster / Unholster node where you require it, define your requirements, and the system will handle the heavy lifting for you.


Fully network replicated
Everything is done by the component that attaches to the character, you just need to call the nodes where applicable (i.e. your equip logic, pickup logic, etc)
Interface driven - define HolsterData in the object itself (such as your weapon), and we'll grab that info to drive certain holstering behaviours such as overwriting a mesh on the same slot. You can set the HolsterData however you'd like - in the class defaults, by inventory index, hard-coded etc.
Offset visualisation - use the numpad while in PIE to find your perfect offsets, then simply copy / paste the result on the screen into your HolsterData. This is a standalone feature only, not replicated (no need).
Included meshes are from the public domain (WeaponsPack_001) and are used as an example for setting offsets per weapon / slot type.

Asset version: 4.27-5.0
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