Realistic Moon v4.27

Realistic Moon

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Rocky planet/moon object and shader with either parallax occlusion mapping or displacement, self shadowing, bounce light, diffuse roughness shading and 8k textures.

The blueprint takes information from the selected light to shade the moon with diffuse roughness, parallax occlusion mapping or displacement, and self shadowing. There is also a faked ambient occlusion fill light and bounce lighting in the craters. If an optional mask map is used the material will switch to a more complicated shader supporting specular, metalness and a grayscale emissive that can be tinted.

You can use any texture maps that conform to colour in RGB and height in alpha. Included free are 7 texture sets all at 8k resolution: Earth's moon from the latest Nasa maps, two procedurally generated generic moons; procedurally generated icy, volcanic and sandy moons; and the planet Mercury.

Asset version: 4.27
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