Dynamic radial menu x v4.26-4.27, 5.0

Dynamic radial menu x

Download Unreal Engine Asset – DYNAMIC RADIAL MENU X is the greatest thing since sliced bread - because it's a sliced PIE.. menu.


Discord support.
Gamepad support.
Gamepad dead-zone control.
Organized and well-thought-out logic.
Customizable UI sounds for each menu action.
Customizable animations for item selection/hover.
Scrollable menus with customizable # of items per page.
Outer ring menu (spawns items on the outside of the menu).
Hierarchical menus with no limits driven by a single data table.
Mix & match menus (scrollable, submenu, outer ring) - all in one.
Mouse auto-centering to radial menu for a better user experience.
Easiest calculation checks done first to break and prevent overhead.
Auto-select a valid item when scrolling/hovering over an invalid item.
Event-driven to reduce work being done on client as much as possible.
Resizing and repositioning is fully supported on both KBM and Gamepad.
Menu content & styles are driven via data tables for flexibility and ease-of-use.
Segregated material functions to allow user styling without breaking functionality.
All functions documented and thought processes explained with examples and visuals.
Dynamic "slices" without the need to change anything in the widget hierarchies (material driven).
Categorized variables & functions to make extending functionality as painless and easy as possible.
Settings are beginner friendly which will allow developers to quickly integrate the menu with their project.
Menu styles can be stored / switched to during runtime - ability to theme or allow player-designed UI styles.

Asset version: 4.26-4.27, 5.0
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