Advanced Vehicle Kit v4.26

Advanced Vehicle Kit

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Advanced Vehicle Kit.

This asset offers you the most basic racing features, that will save you time & money. CarTest - Advanced Vehicle Kit will bring you those racing features, that most racing games need.

• Automatic/Manual Gear switch.
• 3 Car mesh (Currently only 1 is working the other 2 is just static meshes) with fully functional interior/exterior
• 3 Camera (Follow, Orbit, Interior) switchable with one button
• Basic Time Trial System
• Basic Nitro System with refuel, after a few seconds
• Basic Damage System with sound effects and damage amount applied by speed
• Basic Garage to repair the car, also you can repair it anytime, with pick ups
• Color Changer with user defined colors for it's Body, Rim and it's Interior
• Manual Car Flip function, if the car has landed on it's top
• Pause menu with Resume, Restart, Level, Settings, Credits and Quit

Asset version: 4.26
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