RTS Template v4.19-4.27, 5.0

RTS Template

Download Unreal Engine Asset – RTS Template is a great place to start in building any kind of RTS game!

RTS Template is designed to make getting started on your RTS games and project as easy and customisation as possible, with fully commented blueprints you can easily find, edit and add features. The pack contains many great systems to get you started like a unit select system that allows you to control multiple units at once and even place them in fully customisation formations. Also included are 7 building that all have different functionality that any RTS could use such as resource drop of points for your units, recruitment buildings, resource conversion buildings and resource generation buildings. All Functionality is done in blueprints.


Unit Formations (Total War Inspired)
Building Types (House, Lumber Yard, Mine, Barracks, Farm, Defence Tower, Foundry)
Building Construction
Building Upgrades
Building Generate Resources
Resources (Stone, Bricks, Wood and Food)
Resource Collection
Unit Types (Solder, Builder, Miner and Wood Cutter)
Unit Upgrades
Unit Combat
Unit Stats (Damage, Defence)
Basic Enemy AI (Base building and Attack)
Regenerating resource volumes

Asset version: 4.19-4.27, 5.0
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