Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkit v5.0

Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkit

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Advanced Turn Based Tile Toolkitю Provides everything needed to start making your own turn-based strategy or tactics game on a grid.

The result of more than six years of consistent updates and improvements, this toolkit is jam packed with features that can lay the ground work for all sorts of turn-based tactics and strategy games. There are hours of video tutorials, multiple example projects demonstrating various genres and an active Discord community to help get you started. Everything is made using well-organized, commented blueprints, making customizing the system possible even for non-programmers.


• Grid based path finding with variable movement cost.

• Supports square and hexagonal grids, as well as multi-level, overlapping grids.

• Fully realized top down camera with mobile and keyboard support

• Build levels directly in the UE4 viewport, either through drag and drop or through an automatic algorithm.

• Intelligent, tactical AI.

• Visibility system.

• Basic VR support

• Supports large grids (up to ~10,000 tiles by default, with ways to extend further.)

• Advanced turned based tactics example map, with a cover and stealth system.

• Tactical RPG map.

• Stat and status effect system

• Top-down 2D dungeon crawler map, with fog of war and consumable items.

• Fully networked multiplayer.

• Designed to be flexible and allow for many types of TBS games.

Asset version: 5.0
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