Dynamic Tree & Plant Generator v4.26

Dynamic Tree & Plant Generator

Dynamic Tree & Plant Generator – download Unreal Engine asset.

Procedural trees and plants with many dynamic features. Fast & easy generator system with intuitive drag&drop workflow.
This tool allows for fast and easy generation of dynamic trees & plants with intuitive drag & drop workflow and many generation parameters.

Latest update (UE 4.21+):

Vastly improved generation speed & runtime performance
Optimized vert count for default modular trunk & branch meshes
Improved default leaf materials
Improved liana placement options & behavior
Improved wind, force reaction & fall (from chopping) animations
Smoother wind direction/strength transitions
Better chopping location detection
2 new tree presets
Fixed plant interaction detection, now it detects all collision-enabled objects properly.
Improved asset naming & folder structure

Asset version: 4.26
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    1. Hi Lexus, iam noticed that you can upload content on request. If you have the opportunity, please post some of this:

      Procedural Dungeon Map Builder

      Dungeon Generator V2

      Area Based Procedural Generation
      1. Yes it would be a great help to have a procedural dungeon type generator...
    2. Please can you post "Classic Mansion"
      • skyo
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      thank you for this great pack. will buy if used in the final game. have a good day
    3. Please new link!

      Please update - missing link!
      1. H4S link added