VoiceBuilder v4.27


Download Unreal Engine asset – VoiceBuilder lets you easily string together words to create sentences that are spoken in a synthetic voice.

Assemble your own sentences and make your game talk using VoiceBuilder. Includes 3 different voices with 755 words each, including the most common english words in the dictionary as well as most technical and military jargon. The voices have an artificial/synthetic sound to them, making them ideal for such things as ship computer (AKA Betty), friendly and enemy robots, drones, turrets, electronic appliances, keycard readers, military support over radio and much more.

You can further personalize the voices through random pitch shifts and word spacing, as well as adding radio effects to simulate radio equipment.

2265 Sound files
2265 Sound cues
2 Sound attenuations
1 Blueprint class
3 Data tables
1 Blueprint Struct
1 Showcase map
1 Tutorial

Asset version: 4.27
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    1. I'm a big fan here. Could you repost environment assets with version 4.21 above? Thank you for your effort, keep your good working
    2. No link - please update!