Character Attribute System v4.26

Character Attribute System

Create stats/attributes that scale with level. Ideal for your next project with RPG elements. Compatible with the Spell/Ability System!



Standalone system that can be added to any pawn, allows creation of stats/attributes (can be used for health management, mana, stamina, energy, strength, dexterity etc. any value that progresses), set a maximum level, experience needed per each level. Level up, scale stat/attribute values. Set frequency of custom value calculations such as health regeneration, mana regeneration etc.
There are functions in place to spend free stat/attribute points to increase values of your stats/attributes. You can set a cost (in terms of free attribute points) per stat/attribute.

Comes with a sample widget which has a health bar, level progression bar, a stat sheet shows experience needed to level up, current level, player name, free stats/attributes points, health and health regen. attributes, and logic to let you spend attribute points to increase each of the stats/attributes.

The systems handles 2 sets of values for each stat, one for the base values and one for temporally attribute/stat manipulations (buffs, debuffs, passive skills or even equipment/items).

The system comes with sample logic for health regeneration, and few sample stats. All the blueprints are well commented and there is an implementation tutorial, live help/support is available on request. The entire system is very flexible and can be used in conjunction with my other systems.
Technical Details

-Create your own stats/attributes
-Level up
-Scale stats/attributes per level
-Set maximum level
-Set experience needed per each level
-Spend free attribute points to increase stats/attributes
-Set cost for each stat/attribute
-Death and Level Up events
-Sample Widget
-Custom tick frequency for attribute calculations
-2 sets of stat/attribute values
-Multiplayer support
-Compatible with my Spell/Ability System

Intended Platform:
Tested on Windows platform, but it should work on other platforms too.

Asset version: 4.26
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