Survivor Vision - Advanced Outline, Fill and Tagging System v5.0

Survivor Vision - Advanced Outline, Fill and Tagging System

Unreal Engine Marketplace – Survivor Vision – Advanced Outline, Fill and Tagging System.

Survivor Vision has been updated to be fully compatible with UE5. If you require doing the conversion on your own project with Survivor Vision implemented, you will need to replace the MF_Fill material function from the UE4 version with the UE5 version when downloading a fresh copy of Survivor Vision from the launcher. Once the material function has been replaced it should all work as intended. If you run into any issues please reach out and I'll do my best to assist!

Survivor Vision allows you to reveal info to the player in an interesting way. Players activate the system and get the ability to peer into the depths of the world, uncovering it's secrets. This effect is used in many AAA titles and has become a staple mechanic of the action genre.

Completely customizable and easy to set up - just drop the component blueprint into your character, along with a couple of basic UE4 components! It's that simple. Change the colours, outlines, fill texture, item indicators, etc. With more settings than you ever need, there are THOUSANDS of different combinations you can create, and even multiple groups of effects.

Asset version: 5.0
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