Advanced Framework - VR, Mobile & Desktop v4.26

Advanced Framework - VR, Mobile & Desktop

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Advanced Framework – VR, Mobile & Desktop.

A complete VR framework to develop VR, Mobile and Desktop applications such as games, experiences, Architectural Viz or product presentations. Implementing a huge variety of functionalities!


VR: Modular highly configurable component based VR Motion Controller System

Desktop: First person character controllable through Keyboard/Mouse and Gamepad.

Mobile: FP Character with fully functioning touch interface.


Grabbing: PickUp, Physics, Throw, Rotate Objects
Dragging: Pressing buttons, Drawers, Doors, Levers, Valves, Sliders
Snapping & Anchor system
Gaze View
Object Highlight System (Post Process, Mesh and Material based)


The framework introduces a component based replication system to easily replicate all states any actors state. The Framework offers a ready to use multiplayer solution using the Epic Online Subsystem.

Asset version: 4.26
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    1. Can u add the Low Poly FPS Pack pls ?
    2. This version is 3.1 and not the 4.1 for UE4 4.26.