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Level Design Tool Kit

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Are you tired of CTRL clicking multiple actors in your scene? Well, this is the tool for you! You can quickly select a mass amount of actors with a click of a button, saving you an immense amount of time during development. As well as much much more!

Level Design Tool Kit has a lot of great features that can speed up your level design workflow! Say goodbye to CTRL clicking on multiple actors that you want to move or group up. With LDTK you can simply put a box or sphere around a zone and with a click of a button select everything within that zone! You can also hide or unhide them static meshes or actors. You also have the ability to select static meshes or actors by a tag or name. As well as using construction blueprints to place meshes along a spline path or attach multiple actors to a dummy actor. Plus much more!

Note: The EUW requires you to enable the "Editor Scripting Utilities" plugin. The GIF below shows you how to do this if you haven't already.

How to open the LDTK widget:
Technical Details

This product comes with 33 blueprint classes, 5 editor utility widget, 1 data table, 1 struct, 2 enum, 26 materials and 52 material instances along with a demo level.


Select an thousands of SMs and or actors with 1 click of a button
Pivot changer tool
Lights EUW
Notes EUW
LOD, UV, Collision generation
Hide and unhide a lot of SMs and or actors in your scene
Search by using a tag or the name of the static mesh and or actor in the name section
Blueprint interaction system (button, bridge, door, elevator, notificiations, signs, POI and teleporters)
Spline based mesh placer
Straight line mesh placer
Alignment tool
Line of sight tool (useful for shooter games)
Calculate distances between 2 static meshes and or actors
Grid snap tool
Set the rotation to a specific value or a randomized value between 0 and your own inputted value
Isolate selected static meshes and or actors to make working in large scenes a lot easier!
Bulk move, rotate and scale actors in your scene on the X, Y or Z axis
Check if a mesh is floating in the air
Use BP_Dummy as a parent actor to easily rotate and scale multiple meshes
Spawn a mass number of actors in a specific area with one click of a button!
Bulk change materials on any selected SMs
Highlighted recently used tool
Customize the tool to your liking

+ much more

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)

Mac: (Yes)

Asset version: 4.27
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