Easy Survival RPG v4 (5.0)

Easy Survival RPG

Easy Survival RPG – download Unreal Engine asset

Easy Survival RPG. This is an advanced system designed from the ground up for multiplayer with a ton of different features for Unreal Engine 4.


Full Multiplayer Support (Lan, P2P, Steam, Dedicated Server)
Character & Customization System
Combat System (Weapons/Unarmed/Tools)
Ranged Weapons System (Pistol/Rifle/Bow/Crossbow/Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher/Etc)
Magic & Spells System (Fireball/Firebombs/Meteor/Magic Shield/Healing/Teleportation/Etc)
Fishing System (Fishing rod/Worms/Fish/Fishing spots)
Skill Tree System
Building System (Modular)
Building System (Placeable Interactive Structures/Decorations)
Building System (Locks)
Farming Systems (Various crop plots and vegetables)
Animals & Breeding System (Hen, Rooster, Chick, Pig, Swine, Piglet; Various behavior trees)
Multiplayer Save & Load System (Dedicated Server Support)
Resources System (Trees Сhopping/Mining)
Resources System (Collectable Items)
Resources System (Shovel & Digging)
Advanced AI System (Melee/Ranged/Animals/Background Animals)
AI Companios (Orders system)
Dynamic Interactive Foliage System
Advanced Spline System (Seagull/Fish School/Etc)
Complex Footstep System (Prints/Sounds/VFX)
Sound System (Common/Impacts/Items)
Game Settings System (Graphic/Inputs/Game/Audio/Save & Load)
Mini & Global Map System
Water & Swimming System
Quest & Dialogue & Journal System
Multiplayer Chat System
Trading System
Advanced Ability System
Respawn System
Weight System
Advanced Damage System
HUD & UI & Hotbar System
Inventory System
Container & Items & Durability System
Torch System
Backpack System
Zones System (Damage/Healing/Etc)
IK Solution (Character/AI)
And much more…

Update v4.0:

Footstep System Rework
Building System Rework
Fishing System
Advanced Starting Customization
AI System Improvements
Save & Load System Improvements
Animals & Breeding System
New Building Objects & Logic
Locks System Rework
Blueprints & Optimization
New animations/meshes/sounds/etc

Update v3.0:

Advanced Ability System
Advanced Damage System
Magic & Spells System
Farming System
Skill Tree System
Advanced AI System
Ranged AI System
Zones System
Backpack System
Mannequin System
New animations/meshes/sounds/etc

Asset version: 4 (5.0)
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    1. Update 4.25 ?
    2. Yo, can somebody infiltrate their discord to get documentation? They are smart as hell and have you show proof you bought the asset by leaving your discord username in a review; otherwise, they ban you or you won't have access to the help channel. Original uploader might be able to help?
    3. So tell me why the original file was a free download on tezlfiles but this one is for premium only even though it's smaller than the original?

      And for you to pay for it, I could get all the tutorials and videos

      Or you can find it yourself. I got both version 2.5 and the documentation but I sure as hell aint giving it to you; you should just "pay for it" yourself and you can get all the tutorials and videos.
    4. Link doesn't work please update to another link.
      1. Hi
        Link OK. more details
    5. Hi there there is no documentation or videos ):

      Can you also put it up for free, poor developers cannot pay for stuff like this

      Thank you
    6. Hey, they have released the 4.0 version. Can you share it pls.
    7. the archive book is unknown or corrupt.
      1. 7-zip 19 - unpacked OK