Flexible Combat System - Melee v5.0

Flexible Combat System - Melee

Download Unreal Engine Asset: Flexible Combat System - Melee.

The Flexible Combat System is a RPG Starter Kit, including Advanced Melee Combat, Advanced AI, Inventory System, Dialogue & Quest System, Skill Trainers, Equipment, Icons, Sound FX & Music, Niagara VFX and much more! Implemented entirely in Blueprints.

Primary Features

Melee Combat (Dual Wield, 2H, 1 Handed Left, 1 Handed Right, Fists, 1 Hand Shield, Shield)
6 Attack Variations (4 Light, 2 Heavy)
Parry & Block Break included
Stealth System
Inventory System
Dialogue System
Quest System
Input Buffer System
Trading System
Dynamic Equipment System
Targeting System
Combat Text
Levelling Up System
Storage & Looting System
Stats System
Full Set of Animations
Melee Armor Set
Full set of Icons for each Item
Static & Skeletal Meshes for each item
Advanced AI
Sound FX
Save System

Asset version: 5.0
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      Can you get the ranged and magic FCS also?
      1. Yes, please