Physics-Based Camera Movement v4.26

Physics-Based Camera Movement

Physics-Based Camera Movement – download Unreal Engine asset

A dynamic camera component that calculates real-time physics for extra-realistic camera bob and sway movement based on velocity and physics events, built for any pawn class. The physics camera component allows for you to capture the detailed movement/locomotion of any pawn class like never before with a wide range of parameters to suit your project's needs. From adjustable velocity sensitivity to physics-callable camera shake and nudge events, the physics camera component provides your project with a level of cinematic camera realism rarely seen in most games today. The project contains a cinematic third-person configuration of the camera attached to a character bone and parameter-tweaked to demonstrate the power of its locomotion capture of the pawn character.

- Real-time physics-calculated camera movement component for natural and realistic camera bob and sway.
Camera movement includes Location, Rotation & Field of View adjustments in real-time, including callable camera shake and nudge functions.
- Works with any pawn class, providing a basic Spring Arm component is in the hierarchy.
- Optimized Blueprint camera code containing cleanly written math expressions for physics calculation.
- Wide variety of adjustable camera parameters based on desired camera movement and feel for your project.

Asset version: 4.26
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