ALS-Community v4.23.3 (5.1.0 p1)


ALS-Community – download Unreal Engine asset

An advanced bipedal locomotion and layering system focusing on high quality character animation with responsive movement. Built to be flexible, extendable, and to provide a solid starting point for new projects. Currently Singleplayer only.Main Features
- Simple yet flexible Base_Character BP with a curve driven approach to movement and rotation (No root motion, all movement except rolling is code driven).
- Powerful Data Driven AnimBP with a smart approach to locomotion blending, and a robust layering system for the easy addition of game-play states and variation, without tons of extra animations. Other features include sprint impulse, additive leaning, land prediction, turn/rotate in place, Foot IK and more.
- Fully dynamic Mantling System that uses simple traces to check for climbable geometry. Curve assets are used for smooth location/rotation alignment and movement.

Asset version: 4.23.3 (5.1.0 p1)
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