Multiplayer Lobby Kit v4.26-4.27

Multiplayer Lobby Kit

Multiplayer Lobby Kit – download Unreal Engine asset

Multiplayer Lobby with MainMenu, Settings, Host/Find/Join Session, Lobby, Character Customization. Using SeamlessTravel (4.20+) for Steam and allows Listen- and DedicatedServers.

The pack contains:

• Main Menu

•• Host, Find and Join Session

•• Graphic and Audio Settings

•• Summary of used UI elements

• Lobby

•• See other Players in either the FFA or Team-based PlayerList

•• Character Selection with examples:

••• 2 Pawns

••• 2 Hats

••• Color for Mesh, Logo and Hat

•• Match Settings

•• Ready up System

•• Switch Team System

• Gameplay Maps

•• No gameplay logic!

•• Lists selected Characters, Map, GameMode and remaining MatchTime

• Simple Chat

•• Works in Lobby and Gameplay GameModes

•• Can be turned on and off per GameMode

• Custom Widgets and UI

•• Complete new UI for 4.20

•• Custom Widgets like a Toolbar or a Horizontal Combobox

•• Use the given UI or replace it if wanted

• Everything is commented:

•• Variable Tooltips

•• Function Descriptions

•• The Code itself

• Listen- AND Dedicated Server support!

• Seamless Travel to support Steam (Steam has to be added by yourself!)

Asset version: 4.26-4.27
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