Top Down Kit v4.27

Top Down Kit

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Top Down Kit comes with 3 top down games to help you build a top down game.

A top down kit which contains 3 different games to help you make top down games made 100% with blueprints.

2D Shooter Weapon System : With Automatic, charged and melee weapons
2D RPG Weapon system : With bows, shields, sword, and boomerang
3d Shooter System : Ranged and Melee weapons
Enemy AI In all project, you can control their health, the way they move around the map ( Patrolling, randomly and idle ) and the weapons that they use
Inventory system in the 2D RPG
Basic Main menu System
Basic Pause System
Ammo/ weapon and health pick ups
NPC Blueprints
Chest System
Player death screens
Commented Blueprints

Asset version: 4.27
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    1. This is the same asset "Top down Kit : Shooter"
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