Procedural Foliage Placement Tool v4.27

Procedural Foliage Placement Tool

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Procedural Foliage Placement Tool.

The Procedural Foliage Placement Tool lets you populate your scene with foliage in a matter of seconds. The tools allows for extensive configuration, including slope and height, obstacle avoidance, and 8 different spawning methods. Spawn 3 types of entities - meshes, instanced static meshes, and blueprint actor classes (any).

Spawning Methods:
Random Location - spawns foliage at random locations in the volume
Organic Clusters - spawns clusters of foliage, where each entity spawns near the previous entity with a random offset
Clusters around actor - spawns foliage around your specified actors
Along spline actors - spawns foliage along an actor's spline component
Random patches - Spawns foliage in a uniform patch pattern inside the volume
Grid Distribution - spawns foliage in a strict grid distribution inside the volume
Spawn on Spawn Zones - spawns foliage only inside the specified Spawn Zones (volumes assigned by the dev)
Hierarchical Clusters - spawns foliage in a hierarchy giving a more logical distribution

Asset version: 4.27
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