Freezer v1.4.1 (5.0)


Download Unreal Engine Asset – Freezer – Allows you to lock the selection of actors and their movement.

Freezer - provides a long requested feature - blocking the selectection an actors in the viewport of the level editor. In addition, it provides the ability to block the movement of actors and manage all this using a convenient list.


Frooze/unfreeze objects with hotkey (ctrl + F) (Also by context menu)
Lock/unlock objects movement by key (L) (Also by context menu)
Manage frozen/locked objects by list (use checkboxes or hotkeys)
Manage frozen/locked objects by World Outliner (Since from v.1.3)
Unfroze all objects by hotkey (shift + alt + F)
Unlock all objects by hotkey (shift + alt + L)

Asset version: 1.4.1 (5.0)
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