True FP Shooter vv1.5.6 (4.24-4.27)

True FP Shooter

Download Unreal Engine Asset – True FP Shooter.

Blueprint system with shooter gameplay features, plus procedural aiming, gun customization system, True 1P character, replication, and much more. First person mainly.

-Procedural ADS aligning

-No ADS anims required

-Gun assembly system with rails, parts onto parts, collision detection, etc

-Procedural IKs for arms

-True 1st person/3rd person

-Character with no invisible or separated parts (only one mesh)

-Only one set of anims for all views

-Reload while aiming and reload not aiming with only one anim sequence

-Fire while aiming and fire not aiming with only one anim sequence


-Configurable recoil, spread, dynamic crosshair, projectile or line-trace fire, etc

-Fire modes logic: Safe, Semi-Auto, Burst and Auto modes

-Loaded/unloaded reloads

Asset version: v1.5.6 (4.24-4.27)
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