Helicopter Template v4.26

Helicopter Template

Helicopter Template – download Unreal Engine asset.

Controllable helicopter blueprint template with physics-based movement and replication
This is a blueprint template for a controllable helicopter meant for multiplayer games. It has working HUD, wheels, steering, brakes, shock absorbers, animated rotors, dust particle effects, sounds, and full physics replication in a blueprint-only template.

The physics simulation includes many features that can be tweaked to make the helicopter easier to fly or more realistic, including pitch and roll correction, automatic re-orienting toward direction of travel (directional stability), effective translational lift (ETL), and the "ground effect" cushion force. The default settings feel more or less like helicopters from the Battlefield series.
Technical Details


Fine-tunable curve-driven fully replicated physics simulation. Tested with 200 +/- 50 ping
HUD with altimeter, lift indicator, roll indicator, pitch ladder and compass
Wheels with shock absorbers and brakes
Steerable rear wheel that correctly articulates on a fixed arm
Animated rotors that sag when they aren't spinning and gradually flex upward as they spin
Dust particle effects based on how close you are to the ground
Realistic sounds that work with variable engine start-up times
Everything is well organized and fully commented!

Asset version: 4.26
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