Dynamic Paraglider v4.26-4.27

Dynamic Paraglider

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Dynamic Paraglider. A collection of animations and Blueprints for a dynamic gliding / paragliding system, inspired by games such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

- Animations and additive poses react dynamically to the way you fly, to create smooth, natural motion

- Glide behaviors such as speed and rate of descent can be easily modified through parameters. These can either be defined on the Paraglider BP (to allow individual gliders to have different flight behaviors), or overridden by the Paraglider Component at the character level (causing all gliders to behave the same regardless of class)

- An Updraft BP that allows gliding players to regain altitude

- Movable IK targets for hand location in the Paraglider BP in case you want to use a custom glider model

- Network replication

- All Blueprints have detailed comments that explain what they're doing


- Paraglider Blueprint

- Paraglider Component Blueprint

- Updraft Blueprint

- Character animations and AnimBP

- Simple glider model

- Detailed documentation that covers merging the system into existing projects/characters (including extra steps for using ALS), and general information about using and customizing the system

Asset version: 4.26-4.27
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