Physics Collision Sound v4.27

Physics Collision Sound

Physics Collision Sound – download Unreal Engine asset.

A quick and easy way to add impact, sliding, rolling and water impact/tree impact sounds to objects. On different materials it plays different sounds, on Obejects with multiple materials and on Landscapes. Works with a simple drag and drop system

simple drag and drop system
no Blueprint knowledge needed
hitting, sliding, rolling and water sound system
different sounds on different materials, even on terrain
sound occlusion system
volume and pitch relative to objects velocity
214 Sounds (hitting, sliding, rolling and water sounds)
mixes sounds together so that even on different materials every impact sound has still its own uniqueness
1 Blueprint for the physics Object
1 BP for the Surface its hitting
1 BP for different sounds when hitting different materials
1 BP for Liquid and Tree rustling sounds
Optimized: No use of Tick Events
an example map to show the core functionality with example models
object, sound occlusion, liquid, foliage sound system
ragdoll/skeletal mesh sounds
bone specific sounds
ALS Support
NPC with the AIPerception Component can hear the sound

Asset version: 4.27
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