SpaceBox Color v4.22

SpaceBox Color

SpaceBox Color – download Unreal Engine asset.

8 colorful space-themed skyboxes in high definition and single texture formats. Using a box instead of a traditional spherical mapped skydome or sphere eliminates polar distortion commonly associated with these techniques. SpaceBox4096 spaceboxes compensate for cubical distortion making the environment totally seamless and virtually free of distortion.

The spaceboxes are provided as high definition blueprints where each of the 8 spaceboxes consists of 6 separate seamless high resolution 4096x4096 textures. The spaceboxes are also provided in an alternative "single texture" format where all 6 sides of the spacebox are included on a single 4096x4096 texture to improve performance and reduce the size of the game distributable.

Drag and drop pre-made spacebox

Asset version: 4.22
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