Climb and Vaulting Component v1.2.2 (4.26)

Climb and Vaulting Component

Climb and Vaulting Component – download Unreal Engine asset.

This Climbing Component allows you to easily and quickly add climbing and vaulting into your TPP or FPP based game in less than 5 minutes. Complete with 20 Animations for idle and moving climbs and vaults, Multiple Animations for Different falling distances, and a Foot IK System (totaling 60 animations for TPP & FPP combined).


Easy Setup/Integration (Less than 5 minutes)
Climbing & Vaulting Systems
20 unique Climbing/Vaulting animations (Slow/Fast Movements) for both FPP & TPP projects, totaling 40 animations.
Fall Detection with animations (3 different heights with multiple different styles of animations)
Foot IK System (built into the component and easily able to be disabled/removed)
Multiplayer supported
Replicated Sprint With Auto Climbing for testing (Toggle-able Option)
First Person Arms and Third Person Support

Asset version: 1.2.2 (4.26)
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