Ultimate Menu System v5.0EA (4.26-4.27)

Ultimate Menu System

Ultimate Menu System – download Unreal Engine asset.

Ultimate Menu System is a completely dynamic, modular, and easy-to-customize menu system that you can use in your Single or Multiplayer games. You can change the design of the menu by your needs easily from the variables. This system supports any type and any direction of navigation and works with Mouse, Keyboard, and Gamepad.

For Multiplayer, It has a simple Host-Find Game functionality out of the box but it's easy to expand it for your needs. On the Single-Player side, it has a completely working Save & Load system. You can also expand it with the given examples in the blueprints.

This system is using a different Loading Screen than usual. It loads an empty map first, then loads the streaming level. In this way, the loading screen is not freezing or hiding too soon before the map actually loads. Again, easy to work with any level you have.

It also comes with almost any type of game setting. Keybindings, Audio, and Display Settings are completely working, saving, and loading. Gameplay Settings are also included as examples.

Completely optimized and ready to use in games. This system is using the Widget Pooling method that is creating every required widget at the beginning and doing one hard load, then always using those references. If the required widget is not in the pool, it creates and adds to the pool to reuse. Also keeps references at any point of the game state.

All panels can be controlled by a pure function in ANY blueprint. You can easily create and load your own widgets.


Pre-made widgets to use.
Completely customizable via variables.
Dynamic Camera
No limitation on menu depth.
Created with a proper game framework such as begin play screen, loading screen, menu map, etc.
Save & Load system.
Unlimited save game slot with player name.
Host Game - Server Browser
Widget Pooling

Asset version: 5.0EA (4.26-4.27)
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