Horse Riding System v4.26+

Horse Riding System

Horse Riding System – download Unreal Engine asset.

A realistic looking IK Horse Model with a body armor and six different skins that responds to the whistle of the rider. The rider is able to climb on to the horse in three different directions and can get down even when the horse is running. The horse can rotate his body, legs and tail movements according to the slope of the ground and can rotate the neck as it turns around. Animations for both rider and the horse are also included.


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· IK Horse Model

· Six Different Skins

· One Horse Body Armor

· All four legs of the horse can bend accordingly with the ground slope

· Rider can get into the horse from 3 different directions of the horse

· Rider can get down from horse even when the horse is running

· Horse can rotate his neck according to the turning angle

· Horse can rotate its body, legs and can change the tail movements according to the slope of the ground

· Horse Responds for the Rider’s Whistle

Asset version: 4.26+
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