Procedural Level Generator v4.27

Procedural Level Generator

Procedural Level Generator – download Unreal Engine asset.

PLG is model based procedurally generated multi-story SciFi base / maze

1. Save/Load system. You can save generated world, player position, teleports.

2. Teleportation system. Teleporters allow you to instantly transfer between rooms and floors.

3. The rooms are on their own maps, loading of which occurs through the creation of an instance in the streaming level. It is possible to load your meshes (templates) for the level generator. This means that you can combine procedural generation with manual level design, thereby creating completely huge complex solutions.

4. Support NavMesh

5. Good optimization (thanks to streaming levels)

6 The ability to display only the active room for better optimization

7. A completely standard character and AI. You can easily use your own character without any additional settings.

a) Fine-tuning the generation of the world

b) Selecting the size of the side of the world

c) Selecting the number of floors

d) The choice of floor on which the player starts

e) Setting the number of transitions between floors

f) and more.

8. Fully modular system. You can easily set your meshes, including floors, walls, doors, etc.

9. No snapping to mesh sizes. Walls, floors, doors, etc. can be almost any size

10. Loading bar and generation progress bar

11. and more.

Asset version: 4.27
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