Advanced Side Scroller Template - Remastered template v4.26

Advanced Side Scroller Template - Remastered template

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Advanced Side Scroller Template – Remastered template.

Advanced Side Scroller Template takes the classic side scroller template and enhances everything you know and love about it. This remaster of the original template includes everything that you'll need to get started with a fresh side scroller project. Features include the most iconic side scroller systems found in games like ground pounds, wall climbing, interaction, etc. With ASST, every function and event runs purely with the goal of being completely modular. That means systems are constructed to be further developed easily and efficiently. All this allows you to get up and running with your dream side scroller project in no time!


Custom Cutscene Creator
Interface Based Interaction
Advanced Camera Movement
Basic Sprinting Functionality
Attack Ability Demonstration (Ground Pound)
Wall Climbing/Sliding Functionality
Advanced Jumping Mechanics Including Double Jump
Simple Fall Damage System
Foreground/Platform Transitions
Custom Sounds & Particle FX
Full Gamepad Support
Commented & Noted Blueprints
Custom Health Bar (Includes Damage Feedback)
Simple Damage Demonstration (Dealing Damage To Other Actors Via Attacks i.e. Ground Pound)
Damage Feedback Indicator UI
Basic Outline Post Process Material
Tutorial Manager (Showcased Inside Demo Project)

Asset version: 4.26
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