Black Hole Creator v4.2x

Black Hole Creator

Black Hole Creator – download Unreal Engine asset.

This blueprint allows you to create and customize a black hole in Unreal. The material has plenty of parameters that allow you to change the appearance of the accretion disk and the singularity.

This tool works with texture warping using quaternions, performing the distorsion on a skybox texture (which can either be a default skybox or a cube render target). It is fully compatible with the latest Space Skybox Libraries, watch the tutorial to see how those asset packs can be integrated with this one.

WARNING: the translucent version of the material allows you to place objects within the accretion disk. However when these objects are beyond the black hole, there may be some artifacts and conflicts with the shader. So, Whenever you need to have object opposite to the event horizon I suggest to limit the number of object to only one.

Asset version: 4.2x
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