Advanced Top Down Template - Remastered template v4.26

Advanced Top Down Template - Remastered template

Advanced Top Down Template – Remastered template – download Unreal Engine asset.

ATDT Is our take on the classic top-down template that unreal provides you with as a template project. We have taken it upon ourselves to upgrade, rework and re-imagine this template to provide you with a more polished and more feature-filled template. ATDT includes systems that are crucial to any top-down game like Interaction, Multiple Movement Methods, etc.


Point n' click Movement (Mouse & Keyboard Only)
WASD Movement
Custom In-game Notifications
Camera Zoom Functionality
Camera Rotation System
Separate Interaction Systems
Custom Cursor Implementation
Extreme Blueprint Readability
FPS Counter
Dynamic Key Input Widget
Character Rotation Modes
Combat System Basis
Pause Menu
Full Gamepad Support

Asset version: 4.26
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