Fast Movement System v4.26+

Fast Movement System

Fast Movement System – download Unreal Engine asset.

This product contains a Character Blueprint based on character featured in First Person Template, that implements skill-based movement mechanics inspired by modern first person shooters. This character can jump, crouch, run, slide, run on walls and hide his weapon (simple logic to fire the weapon is also included). Every feature listed can be customized in many ways or disabled.

What can you do with it?

Use it as a base template for your own character.
Add code from the Blueprint to another character, re-implementing some or all features of Fast Movement System in your own project.
Have fun with provided character on a showcase map - which is already entertaining!

There is also a map designed to show the capabilities of Fast Movement System.


Jumping - double jump by default - you can change how many jumps can your character do in the row!
Wall Running
Wall Jumping
Wall Climbing
Sliding (on flat surfaces, uphills and downhills).
Weapon Holstering
Everything is commented, exposed and easily customizable.
When moving this character to another project, remember to setup inputs correctly!

Asset version: 4.26+
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