Garden and farm v4.26

Garden and farm

Garden and farm – download Unreal Engine asset.

Garden and farm is a comprehensive system for planting, growing and caring for plants. The growth rate, the effect of fertilizer, watering, and various stages of growth are available for customization.


Seedling, gathering, watering, fertilizer, a system of beds
Simple addition of your plants The ability to fine-tune for each plant. For example, growth time, harvested items, amount of water consumed, appearance when: watering, drying, readiness for gathering, when the plant rotted. And much more. All of these settings are optional
Multiplayer support
Easy integration with third-party inventory systems. The documentation describes how to configure to work with ActionRPGInventorySystem
Saving and loading
19 different meshes
Plants, beds, a watering can with a bag of fertilizers and 2 particles systems
Smooth change of lods for trees (i.e. all plants are stationary objects)

Asset version: 4.26
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