Meek Cover System v4.2x

Meek Cover System

Download Unreal Engine Asset – «Meek Cover System». Provide example and logic for your own cover system.

The entire purpose of MCS is to provide example and logic for your own cover system. We wanted a multiplayer cover system that didn’t require special “walls.”

You don't need to migrate or use any in-cover animations! But you can. Only need the ActorComponent and 3 supporting files.

MCS demo has 3 animation sets.

For 0 in cover animations we use the free UE4 Animation Starter Pack. BUT turned 90 degrees, to face parallel with the wall. For front facing animations Mixamo. And for back facing


90%+ functionality put into an Actor Component.
Multiplayer support. Built and tested with the “Run as Server” mode.
Hard Cover system. You need to press a button.
Cover against any surface. No special “wall” materials required. BUT v5.1 you can set a trace channel.
Move from cover to cover, adjoined/curved/concave/hard angled walls.
2 types of Cover movement: Fixed and Camera based.
3 types of animation "categories:" None. Forward facing. Back facing.
Peek function. Used for simple cover fire.
Limit what objects you can enter cover.


Moving back, or away from wall, auto uncovers you.
Auto crouch if wall is short. Based on wall height. Adjustable by a variable.
Cover to cover requires you going to edge of wall, then pressing cover.
Curved walls require a minimum size.
Cover fire was built as an example, and isn't a fully built feature.

Asset version: 4.2x
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