Multiplayer Economy Kit v4.26

Multiplayer Economy Kit

Economy kit features the tools you need for your economy in your game and project, now with trading!

List of features:
* Built-in Inventory
* Drag & Drop(NEW)
* Shift/Ctrl click for selling/buying bulk(NEW)
* New, better and more organized UI
* Less heavy on performance
* Buying/selling from vendor
* Modular tabs in vendor now possible(NEW)
* Multiplayer supports
* Pickup up money
* Picking up items
* Dropping Items
* Interface calls to easily create functions from the economy API
* Trade with players
* Customizable lock time
* Actors only pick-up able after trade by owner for 60s if inventory was full
* Trade cash between players
* Combined trade worth
* Drag&Drop trading

Asset version: 4.26
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