Tower Defense Starter Kit v4.26

Tower Defense Starter Kit

Download Unreal Engine asset – The Tower Defense Starter Kit is a pure blueprint framework that enables quick & easy creation of Tower Defense games.


• Multiple types of AI Wave Spawning systems, with support for both Endless waves & repeating wave cycles with escalating difficulties

• Towers: Machine Gun, Shockwave, Laser, Tesla, Sniper, Artillery, Boost, & Mining Tower

• Enemy AI: Tank, Healer, Rusher, Ranged, & Tower Disabler

• Tower Abilities: Overdrive & Repair

• Global Abilities: Airstrike, Tower Guardians, Proximity Mines, & Regen Field

• Branching Upgrade Paths for Towers

• Special Waves that spawn Bosses at the end

• Grid Generators with drag & drop support to create grid cells for tower placement

• Main menu with level selection & persistent map unlocks across multiple sessions

• Loadout menu for selecting towers & global abilities at mission start

• Supports spline-based multi-lane paths & navmesh-based pathfinding

Asset version: 4.26
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