Third Person Weapon/Combat System V2 v4.26

Third Person Weapon/Combat System V2

Unreal Engine Marketplace – Third Person Weapon/Combat System V2.

Actor Component and Data Table based system for Third Person weapon and melee combat in the style of the classic 3D 'GTA' games. Currently Singleplayer only.


Four types of weapons: Melee, Hit Scan, Projectiles and AreaEffect
Component and Data Table based (independent system; the only requirement is the default Character class)
Melee system with possibility to add multiple fighting styles
Damage system using default damage events with DamageType classes
Health and Armour system
Ragdoll system
Direction based Hit Reaction system
Fire mechanics with propagation
Pickup classes
Lock On system
Testing AI: able to use all the weapons and detect enemies (sight, damage and hearing - AI Perception)
Clean references and Async asset loading use

Asset version: 4.26
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