Locomotion v4.27


Download Unreal Engine Asset – Locomotion is an easy to use system to get your locomotion project up & running,

Allows you to customize your locomotion build profiles, play with friends, and adjust it all in realtime!

whether you’re making Third Person, Top Down , 2D Side Scroller, Multiplayer Game Locomotion will cover you!

Features :

Multiplayer Support

Replicated to work with high ping without much server corrections!

Compatible With Advance Female Customization - You can make your own character using AFC and using Locomotion you can control your character tutorials coming soon.

Live Configurator - Allows you to customize / code your character in realtime set what you want and don't want your locomotion to have.

IK Systems - locomotion features IK Foot placement system & Upperbody IK for Player Look at Camera.

Plug N Play - every single node is commented and explained so you can make your own locomotion!

Motion Wrap - allows you to adjust character legs for more or less movement without speeding up the entire animations.

Fluid Movements - locomotion is built around the idea of having fluid movements so you can blend from one animation to another with ease.

Custom Profiles - Allows you to save your own preset after you do live changes on the Live Configurator.

Abilities System - use Abilities System to disable - enable features in realtime! like jumping sprinting walking whenever you need or setup profiles with their own abilities for your characters.

Full Locomotion - You can walk / jog / sprint / crouch / slide / jump ... and easily add any new feature you like.

Multiple Templates - you can Change your Locomotion Type in realtime with a touch of a button, From TPP to TopDown and even 2D Side Scrolling.

Hand Made Animations - Up to 20 Different Stylized Hand made animations, to cover up your project needs.

Full Debugging System - Allows you to see your character Speed / Velocity / Direction / Acceleration / AnimState & More.

Levels For Each Genre - We Setup a Level for every Genre so feel free to explore them and use them as templates for making your own Games.

Limitless Customization - Customize then Test All in Playtime without interruptions, gone the days where you had to close the project to try random values.

Asset version: 4.27
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