Anamorphic Depth of Field for Cinematics v6.0/7.1 (4.27/5.0)

Anamorphic Depth of Field for Cinematics

Unreal Engine Marketplace – Anamorphic Depth of Field for Cinematics.

Anamorphic Depth of Field for Cinematics is an Anamorphic Cine Camera Blueprint emulating the Depth of Field of an Anamorphic Lens.

With Bokeh customisation options, you can choose between a few different combinations of attributes.

Example and Tutorial Here(Updated):

Example of Depth Sample Rejection added on the 27th April:

The Depth of Field component is a custom DOF blur written in HLSL, and is physically based, meaning focus values are equivalent to standard Unreal Cine Camera Depth of Field settings.

While this is intended for use in Cinematics, there is no real reason why you couldn't use it in real-time uses.
Technical Details


Anamorphic Cine Camera Blueprint Actor
HLSL based Anamorphic Depth of Field
Physically Based Focus Calculation

Asset version: 6.0/7.1 (4.27/5.0)
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