Loadout System v1.1 (4.27)

Loadout System

Unreal Engine Marketplace – Loadout System.

Add Weapons, Lethal, and Characters through a Data Table. I do not have character animation for weapon and lethal. This is for you guys to add your own animation and setup weapon/lethal blueprints. I have setup deploy button for spawn in game with weapon and lethal included spawn point where you can spawn specific location or on player location. There is no game mode, firing, throw grenade, knives attack ect.

There is save and load system. You can save combat records using a weapon that is equipped and switching primary to secondary weapon also level up while using them.

100% Blueprints
Purchase system
Unlock system
Compare weapon stats
Switch weapon/lethal
Spawn player on a specific location with camera view
Level up weapons
Character XP with rank
Health Damage (Self)
Spawn on player location

Asset version: 1.1 (4.27)
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