Multiplayer Blueprint Lobby Solution - By Kekdot v5.0

Multiplayer Blueprint Lobby Solution - By Kekdot

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Multiplayer Blueprint Lobby Solution

The MBLS product is an advanced multiplayer lobby solution that includes features such as: Hosting and joining games, lobby game settings (match settings), player list, character customization, a ready up system, kicking players, multiplayer chat and much more.

Features of this product

Advanced full lobby solution
Easy to work with and expand upon
Work with best practice examples
Easily customized to your needs
Modular setup with base classes
Manage your game modes with data tables

Advantages of this product

Well optimized
Well commented for easy understanding
100% blueprint
Uses best practices for blueprint programming
Modular setup with base classes
Fully replicated
Neatly organized project structure
Save countless of hours and get started working on your gameplay right away!

This product includes


Game bootscreen with animations (Placeholder so that you can make a bootscreen for your game)

Main menu

Host game (Define max amount of players, connection type)
Join game (Server browser: Server name, Player count, Ping)
Player profile menu (Saves the player profile to local save game)
3D menu example included

Advanced settings menu

Advanced settings widget
Video settings (Display, Graphics qualities, Advanced graphics)
Audio settings (Audio volumes and Audio quality)
Control settings (Inputs)


Dynamic Loading screens (Show data based on where you are loading into)
Popups (Feedback handling, error handling etc.)
Custom tooltip
In game menu (Pause menu when player presses ESC: Continue, Leave game, In game settings menu, quit game)
Multiplayer chat component

Lobby setup

Connected player list
Ready up system (Can be disabled)
Lobby status indicator
Lobby launch event (Countdown till game launch when host launches the game)
Game settings menu: Host can change game settings, clients can view them. Host can change the Game Mode, Map and Game/Match settings.
Player Kick system
Character customization (Skin, Hat) (Customizations get saved to local save game)
Multiplayer chat (Built from a component)
Lobby game settings can be managed through data tables


Gameplay maps display the settings as set by the host in the lobby, gameplay logic can be programmed by you using these settings.


Loads of handy practical examples
Network optimized and overall optimized project, great as a base for your game
Modular blueprint setup, with base classes where it makes sense so that you can reuse handy code
Handy function library included
Lots of base widget classes that can be reused throughout your game (Base button, Base option switcher, tooltip, popups etc.)
Overall a lot of custom widgets
Product makes use of all network necessary classes (GameMode, GameState, PlayerController, PlayerState, Character)
Neatly organized project structure
Fully replicated (Multiplayer ready)
Seamless Travel enabled by default

Asset version: 5.0
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