Icon Generator v5.0

Icon Generator

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Icon Generator. Create icons for your assets (static meshes, skeletal meshes or blueprints actors).

This asset allows you to quickly create icons for your assets, whether they are static meshes, skeletal meshes or blueprint actors. These icons can have a transparent background, solid color, or a texture. Square or custom size. 100% made in blueprints.

Assets can be loaded in the following ways:

Via data tables, where you add assets manually;
Via specific folders, where you choose the folders which the assets should be searched.
Via auto search, where all the assets of your project (static meshes and skeletal meshes) are loaded automatically.

You can adjust parameters such as camera position, item rotation, output folder, background, post process, light, etc. (check the images above, the preview video or the documentation for more information).


Create icons for static meshes
Create icons for skeletal meshes
Create icons for blueprints (like blueprints with particles)
Adjust the background: scale, transparency, color, texture
Adjust the post process while editing
Export icons in different formats (you can choose the folder)
Automatically import icons to the project (works only for power of two textures, like 16px, 32px, 64px etc.)
Control skeletal mesh animations to make icons from it
Export icons for all the meshes via bulk export.

(All with or without transparent background)

Asset version: 5.0
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