Motion - True First Person Character Template v5.0

Motion - True First Person Character Template

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Motion – True First Person Character Template

Effortless. Powerful. Immersive. Kickstart your first-person project with a solid base that you can expand as you see fit!


🎥 True First Person - Full-body awareness, automatic camera adjustment, head movement and much more!

📈 Curve Editor - Edit all camera animations with the simple curve editor! No external programs needed!

〰 Curve Transitions - Transition between camera animations with just a single blueprint call!

🌬️ Breathing Component - Get automatic & realistic breathing animations without any configuration!

🏃 Sprinting System - Easy-to-use sprinting with customizable camera animations & acceleration curves!

🦵 Crouching Component - High-quality smooth crouching that automatically detects ceilings and stops uncrouching!

🚶‍♂️ Walking Component - Integrated walking acceleration and camera animation that's easy to adjust!

🦿 Jumping Component - Comes with multiple camera animations for jumping and landing and a stamina system you can use as you see fit!

🧍‍♂️ Idle Component - Automatically plays a easy-to-customize camera animation when the player goes AFK.

👣 Footstep System - Footsteps for all kinds of movement! Sounds included!

🦶 Sneaking Component - Disables footsteps and slows the player down when sneaking.

Asset version: 5.0
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