Unified Procedural Animation v4.25-4.27, 5.0

Unified Procedural Animation

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Unified Procedural Animation: Create AAA quality procedural animations.

Save over 100+ hours of coding and testing. Unified Procedural Legs is the ultimate framework for building fully modular, procedurally animated leg, foot alignment, and body movement for characters.

Full implemented in BP, with over 50 base variables to modify, this frame work allows you to attach any of your own rigged leg mesh to any body, and have it be procedurally animated with walking motion right away.

Handles both leg motion, foot alignment to surface, as well as body motion and rotation based on terrain positioning. It has full debug traces for users to visualize interactions with the terrain.

Contains over 40 models and legs as a starter kit to rapidly build and prototype your characters, as well as 3 obstacle maps to test your characters movement.

This framework allows for traversal even on disjoint nav meshes and floating platforms, allowing for procedural climbing and descending.


Fully modular
50+ base variables and parameters to fine tune your walker
AI nav mesh and player controller controllable
31 base models to choose
23 rigged legs to use right away
3 Obstacle maps to test run your walkers
3 Behavior tree examples for navigation
Audio integration with footstep
Attach any leg to any body without complex coding
Usable and integratable with your existing characters and meshes

Asset version: 4.25-4.27, 5.0
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