1980s Cars Pack v4.25-4.27, 5.0

1980s Cars Pack

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Five 1980s-styled driveable Cars with customizable materials, decals, lights, sound, and passengers for games or archviz.

Two Blueprints for each car included:

Driveable 1980s Car with customizable materials, decals, lights, sound, passengers.
Static 1980s Car with customizable materials, decals, lights, passengers, lightmap UVs, LODs.

Static Blueprint is perfect for archviz and other situations with baked lighting

1980s Cars collection:

1980s Sedan Car

1980s SUV Car

1980s Pickup Car

1980s Hatchback Car

1980s Muscle Car

Car Features:

Driveable vehicles
Realistic engine, doors, impact sounds
Materials with tweakable parameters (Body, Plastic, Glass)
Changeable in Blueprint: Body Color, Metallic, Roughness
Customizable Registration Plates: Show/Hide Plates & Enter your Text and Country Code
4 body decals: Taxi, Delivery, Pizza, Police
Horn/Police Siren sound (press H, G)
Tire skid sound, marks, smoke
Doors can be opened (press 1-5)
Detailed interior
Speedometer and tachometer needles on dashboard
Headlights (press L to toggle), stop lights, reverse, dashboard lights
Realistic headlamp beam
Driver and passengers inside (not for close-up shots)
You can show/hide driver and set number of passengers
Driver turns steering wheel and head
Ability to flip back on wheels (press R)
Chase camera and in-car camera (press C)
Multiplayer ready
Parent drivable blueprint and 5 child blueprints: it's easier to modify cars to your needs
Radial wheel blur
Simple map for car testing included (remove CarDemoMap folder if you don't need it)

Thx to Ali1 Ali1 (Spider - Man)!

Asset version: 4.25-4.27, 5.0
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