Inventory and Stat System v5.0

Inventory and Stat System

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Inventory with integrated stat and gameplay effect system

Inventory Management

Move or split items with drag and drop operations inside and between inventory´s. You can drop, delete or use items with a simple menu. Items be used with a hotkey.

Items are stored in data tables to make item management simple.

Damage Resource and Stat System (DRS System)

This package contains all features of my DRS system that can be found here. The system is fully integrated and can be used to create gameplay effects for items (e.g. food, potions,...).

Simple Crafting System

Any item can be made craftable. Adjustable crafting parameter are: crafting amount, crafting time and needed materials.

Shop System and Currencies

Items can be sold and bought by using different currencies. Any currencies can be added (Gold and crystals in the demo, but you can rename them to anything you want or add more).

Network Replication

Inventory´s are replicated to clients for multiplayer purpose. All operations (move, drop, split,...) are executed on the server.
Technical Details

This is a Blueprint Project, no C++ included


Damage, Resource and Stat System
Inventory Management
Character Equipment

Asset version: 5.0
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