Interactive Main Menu v4.27-5.0

Interactive Main Menu

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Interactive Main Menu

Interactive Menu is a main menu that you can completely customize! It can be used for any of your projects

This asset is easy to use and editable.

This Menu contains all the basic features you need in a Main Menu:

Home Center: Here you can add your news, patch notes and more and share them with your users.
Play Center: In this window you can present your different levels or game modes to the user.
Settings: A simple settings menu with everything you need. (even track your FPS)
Help: Here you can redirect users to your website, let them play a tutorial or send them directly to your support section.

(Before the user is redirected to a website or tutorial, he receives a message warning him that he is about to leave the Main Menu and will be redireted to an external website or a new level.)

It also contains:

2 Maps (Character / Object)
2 Materials
1 Gamemode
4 Unique Sound Effects, 1 Master and 1 Master Sound Mix Class
6 Button textures (Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, White) + 3 example images
1 Main Menu Widget, 3 Overlay Widgets and one PauseScreen Widget

Asset version: 4.27-5.0
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