FPS Booster: Static Mesh Optimizer v4.2x

FPS Booster: Static Mesh Optimizer

Download Unreal Engine Asset – FPS Booster: Static Mesh Optimizer. With this package, you can optimize the meshes in your level with one click. In my tests, I observed an FPS increase of up to FIFTY PERCENT.

This package provides a great optimization as it turns off some shadows.

Thanks to this package, my build light time has decreased by 98%. (There were 6,000 static meshes on the level. it has been shortened from 10 minutes to 10 seconds. Optimization process took 40 minutes)

This package gives you an editor utility widget. You can think of it like a tool. You select the Static Mesh Actors, then you click Convert and it optimizes the selected actors under a few actors by making them Instanced Static Meshes.

The process takes place in two stages. Collecting and destroying Static Meshes' information. Then placing an instanced static mesh that looks like the same static meshes in an optimized way with that information.

The process may take a few minutes depending on the mesh count. Wait as long as Working is written in the upper left. It will say Success at the end and a few sounds will play. In this process, your meshes will be destroyed and placed back in the same place in a more optimized way.

Asset version: 4.2x
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